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Mobile payment wallet

E-commerce solutions

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Mobile payment wallet

Internet of things solutions

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Mobile payment wallet

Mobile payments

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Mobile payment wallet

Strategy and project management

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Mobile payment wallet

Software to sell products

Paytailor smart platform enables to sell your products in offline service points and online as well. Paytailor blatform is cloudbased, which means that you can serve your clients remotely and process the data in real time. Paltform is often used as an alternative for existing options and cases where is needed to combine several functions like client data, shopping basket, hardware control, reporting etc.

E-commerce, carwash, vending- and coffee machines, selfservice, loyalty, mobile sale points

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What is Paytailor?

Paytailor has several software products which combined or independent are solving different funtions to serve clients. Paytailor offers whitelabel solutions as well as express solutions which you can start to use instantly.

Paytailor platform has been used as a product scanner, receiving payments, e-commerce platform, loyalty system, mobile wallet, serf service software and other funtions.

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Mobile payment wallet


Klient Alexela
Klient Man
Klient Lindab
Klient Hansacandle
Klient Snus Empire
Klient Anita Butiik
Klient Retail Audit
Klient Eziil

Mobile payment wallet

Mobile wallet for users

Payment methods, log, locations, e-commerce, loyalty and much more. All to make shopping and user experience flawless.

All securely in one app

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