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  • You choose the way of accepting payments - smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Paytailor is super easy to integrate with your existing systems
  • You can accept several payments at the same time
  • We can automize machines, vendings, systems, doors and add mobile payment solution
  • Bring your goods and services into our in-app e-commerce solution and allow your customers to experience a whole new level of e-shopping. Our e-commerce is an easy and secure way for shopping.

Smart marketing tool and communication channel

  • We are here to show you a whole new way of interacting with your customers, helping you to boost your business. Paytailor works like your personal loyalty and communication channel.
  • We have an in-app loyalty and bonuses system, which is yours to use in a way you need it the most
  • We help you to get to know your customers. This means you can easily build your very own customer community
  • Kindly invite your customers, remind them of the ending bonuses or provide them with the information on sales and offers. We can help you with text messages and notifications
  • Your in-app loyalty card. We can easily customise your personal customer discount.

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Merchant Admin

Merchant Admin

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Merchant Admin

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Merchant Admin

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