Strategy, Smart Solutions, Marketing

We execute companies digital visions and help to find solutions

Value we have delivered to clients

Web solution


We have created e-commerce sites, websites, campaign pages, statistic solutions, social media apps and help to update existing solutions.



We have delivered corporate visual identities, logos, capaign design, social media content, smartphone applications, presentations and other multimedia.

Smartphone applications

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According to field of operation, we have created company applications to boost productivity. Also solutions which are targeted to larger audience.

Custom digital solutions

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This segment includes house guides, internet of things solutions, remote control solutions ond other. Also solutions with really specific functions.

Payment solutions

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Often there is a challenge to accept payments. Thanks to pur experience and contacts we can suggest suitable solution and implement it as well if possible.


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We can help to create digital concept amd most effective execution for that. Sometimes suitable solutions are easier than we could think and can save lot of resources.

Project management

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In situations where client lacks time or technical knowhow, we can help with arrangements and contractors management.


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Over time we have been in cotact with lot of companies and specialists. So we can suggest who to contact to overcome occurring challenges.


Companies and organisations, whom our team have delivered solutions and worked with over 10 years of activity

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