Public sale has ended. Thank you for all the contributors

Paytailor official token:

Name: Paytailor
Symbol: PAYT
Contract address: 0xFddE51FDFcA83be086d6da0ba303Fc68Db15c5f4
Decimals: 6

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Tokens growth on an exchange

Paytailor valuation has raised 6 times during last 2 years. Paytailor tokens will be listed on an exchange after token sale. As Paytailor growth is supported with existing client base. We are working to double the valuation of the tokens. Beside tokens value our whitepaper includes profit sharing.

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

Before you contribute

Read the participation guide

Send your ETH through MyEtherWallet, not an exchange

You must agree with the terms and conditions

Contact us if you have any questions

Participation Guide Whitepaper

Raising funds for cryptopayments and scaling

Paytailor is a smart mobile payments platform that has made payments easy, accessible and affordable. Paytailor is a startup with a working solution, which has proof of concept, initial client base and users. We are raising capital to scale our solution and add cryptocurrency as a payment method. We estimate 50% volume growth after implementing crypto currency payment method.

See the whitepaper
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We send only important updates about ICO

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Paytailor has raised over 160,000$ venture capital

Paytailor has processed over 3000 payments

Paytailor has been operating over 2 years

Paytailor has a proven concept and solution

Paytailor has a great team with talented people

Paytailor has users and clients

More about Paytailor and concept


  • Presale

    4. November - 30. November 2017

    11:00 am (UTC) 04.11.17 until 11:00 am (UTC) 30.11.2017. During presale period you can buy tokens 31,21% cheaper. After the presale period, as of 30th of November, the tokens are available with 5-20% discount.

  • Crowdsale

    3. January - 31. January 2018

    Keep yourself updated to see how crowdsale progresses.

  • Exchange

    01. March 2018

    We will start listing the tokens to various exchanges

  • Expansion

    Q1 -Q4 2018

    We use raised funds to expand Paytailor networks in specific regions.

  • Cryptopayment method

    Q4 2018

    We launch cryptopayment method with a existing user base


Diagram 1

75% ICO participants

20% Company

3.5% Advisors & Partners

1.5% Bounty


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40% Development & operations

20% Client base growth

20% Marketing

10% Reserve and bonuses

5% Legal

5% Company employees


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Why blockchain

Blockchain is a safe and distributed technology, which is decentralised and secure. Being an open source platform, which is maintained by community, blockchain is one of the fundamental technologies, which help to create good platform for innovation. Payments on blockchain allow to offer additional payment features.

ICO shield

User base

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as they are proven and safe for exchange. For those reasons the value of the currencies and community have increased rapidly. We build bridge between the merchants and the community which will be fundamental to scale cryptocurrency payments.

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Ethereum for payments

We see that mobile payments with crypro currencies must be seamless. We want to aspire to make shopping experience as easy as possible for the users as equally as for the merchants. Through our proven concept we can make accepting payments in ethereum as easy as never before. We enable payments in point of sales, through internet of things and even in e-commerce.


Iphone side

Smart & simple

Paytailor offers simple mobile payments on top of powerful platform. We create extra value for merchants and provide simple mobile wallet for users. We combine web payments, NFC, IoT, e-commerce, location and soon crypto currencies as well.

Creating value for the merchants

Paytailor allows merchant to choose how they wish to accept payments and we have more data to offer extra value. Merchants can accept payments with our terminal app, in their Point of sale system or even make Internet of Things to accept payments. Through big data we help to create more engaging client relationships.

Creating value for users

We help creating new, more engaging and simple shopping experiences. We work hard, so that people could turn their mobiles into wallets and leave the physical wallets at home.

View more


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Merchant starts the payment

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

Merchant starts the payment in mobile terminal app. User has 60 seconds to accept the payment

User looks up the place

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

User opens Paytailor app, scans QR, taps NFC or finds the salespoint via shortcode

User confirms payment

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

User makes sure that the amount is correct and confirms the payment with personal mobile wallet PIN code

Payment successful

NFC activation, QR code, or choose

Successful payment will be displayed to the merchant as well to the user


Rode LuhaäärCo-founder | CEO

Mariliis Mia ToppCo-founder | CMCO

Rando VisnapuuBlockchain specialist

Marvin HelsteinAndroid Developer & system developer

Lauri MäeIOS & Web Developer

Birgit NisuProject Manager

Kaiko KaurCTO | Consultant

Lauri KunzBusiness Development, Project Manager

Tarvo KunzBusiness Development, Project Manager


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Help and customer support

+372 5343 7470
support[at] (for merchants)


Find us in social media

Terms of service

Paytailor Limited

1 St Katharine’S Way St Katharine’S & Wapping
E1W 1UN London,
United Kingdom

Paytailor OÜ

Pärnu mnt 148,
11317 Tallinn,